The Vulkren Herald


Earlier today around noon. Pierce Nielsen got his punishment for his crime in the Previous week. The judges made their decision to fine him 100 PBK and we threw a bunch of stuffed animals at him. He enjoyed it and asked for it to happen again.

Earlier today there was a crime in Vuldienstien. These crimes are to violent report the full thing. But this is the side we can tell you. Pierce our first General was saying Supercalifradgilisticexpaladoicuis (Hopefully I spelled that correctly) and charging at Zeke.

What is a Supreme General its a General whom controls the army's under the Chiefs permission. Our Supreme General is Ezekiel Duncan he will be the only Supreme General whom was not voted and will not be voted on. Check out the Vuldienstiens Laws and other stuff page for more info on the Supreme General.

Noah Coleman a former Vuldienstienien made his own nation named Necroferia. He which to my belief is with one other citizen which is his brother. They are not as advanced as Vuldienstien is getting but there doing ok from the Chiefs point of view.